MedicalHelp germany

MedicalHelp germany was founded in 2010 by Grigor Milorava, a physiotherapist who has been practicing in Tübingen, Germany, for 13 years.
He has many years of experience in the field of rehabilitation and has contacts with colleagues from a wide range of fields of medicine.
He is successfully involved in the organization of treatments in Germany, one of the best medically developed countries in the world. 

 MedicalHelp germany takes care of everything that is important and necessary for your stay in Germany during the treatment or examination. We attach great importance to ensuring that your wishes are fulfilled fairly.

Our patients are treated by doctors whose authority and reputation in medicine is excellent and well-known. 
Throughout the diagnostic and treatment process, medicalHelp germany staff are at the patient's side to support you and respond to any questions that may arise.  

In order to eliminate linguistic Inconvenience during specialist visits, we offer professional translations by specialist interpreters. 
MedicalHelp germany attaches particular importance to the comfortable stay of patients in Germany.
From the time the patient arrives until the examinations and treatments are completed, medicalHelp germany will be at your side. Trips from the airport to the hotel/accommodation or clinic are of course organised by medicalHelp germany.
Patients are accommodated in the best hotels and accommodation. Continuous patient care is the main principle of medicalHelp germany.

Patients will receive advance information about the attending physician, the attending clinic, translations of all medical documents and full pricing information. 
This is what we try to organised for our patients as soon as possible. 

MedicalHelp germany is always ready to provide you with individual medical care on a professional level. 

Do they need to be investigated or treated? Entrust your health to us. MedicalHelp Germany!