If you have to make a decision of a medical treatment. There are so many questions

  •  How do proceed?
  • Whom to turn to? 
  • When and where I do the medical treatment?

For all this medical questions and matters we are best optional.

Our goal is to help you with our many years of experience and connections. We help you to be treated by the best doctors and clinics in Germany. We develop the best treatments needs of each patient. Individually for each patient. Individually for each patient we created a plan from the visa to the treatment and the healing phase.

Our Services

  • Apply for a visa at the responsible consulate
  • The organization of accommodation in the clinic and in the hotel
  • Pick up the guests at the Airport
  • Transfer to hotels and Clinics
  • Constant contact between patients, family members, members and the doctors
  • All forms translated by experienced interpreter
  • Interpreter translate all medical documents