The Brandenburger Tor in Berlin
the early Classicist Triumphal Gate was built from 1789-1793

The Residenzschloss in Ludwigsburg, Baden- Württemberg
The Residenzschloss Ludwigsburg is one of the largest baroque palaces in Germany. The castle was built from 1704-1733.

The New Castle in Stuttgart, Baden- Württemberg
Together with the Schlossplatz, the New Palace Stuttgart forms the center of the city of Stuttgart.
The New Castle Stuttgart was built in 1746 - 1807.

In Germany there are a variety of interesting, stunning buildings, architectural works of art and monuments.

Bodensee, Baden- Württemberg
The Lake Constance consisting of 2 lakes which are connected with a river section is located in the part of the northern Alpine foothills.

Esslingen am Neckar, Baden- Württemberg
Esslingen am Neckar is located about 10 kilometers from the state capital Stuttgart.
Esslingen is one of the cities in Germany where the oldest half-timbered houses are located. Viticulture in Esslingen has a long tradition since 778.

Tübingen, Baden- Württemberg
The university town of Tübingen is located in the heart of Baden Württemberg.
Worth seeing churches and monasteries, worth seeing Häsuer to beautiful parks for recreation, the beautiful city of Neckar offers much.


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