Desire to have childrens

Gyneacology is the study of the development, detection, treatment and prevention to disease of the female sexual and reproductive tract.
When it comes to kidney, urinary bladder and tube disease, urologists and female patients are also concerned with gynecologists and male patients when it comes to disease of the mammary gland tissue. 


  • cysts (cavities filled with fluid, for example on the ovary)
  • Fibroids (benign tissue proliferation of the cervix culture)
  • Endometriosis (uterine lining outside the uterine cavity)
  • cervical cancer
  • breast cancer
  • PMS (premenstrual syndrome)
  • Adnexitis (ovarian inflammation)
  • Bacterial vaginosis
  • malfunction of the breast e.g. missing nipples, different breasts
  • androgenization  (masculinization)
  • anemia 
  • Bartholinitis (inflammation of the bartholin glands)
  • Ectopic pregnany, abdominal pregnancy
  • mammary gland secretion (outflow from the breast)
  • Mastitis (breast infection)
  • endometrical carcinoma (cancer of the endometrium)
  • breast cancer


The monitoring, preparation, performance and follow- up treatment of pregnancy and childbirth is referred to as obstetrics care. Also included in the medical category of obstetrics is the activity of midwives and maternity nurses.

Signs of a birth

  • Birth sets in (the contractions have started)
  • slightly bloody discharge due to the dissolving mucus plug from the cervix, sometimes a few days before birth
  • Bursting of the amniotic sac
  • vomiting of diarrhea

Birth terms

  • Premature birth: the birth of a child before the completion of the 37th week of pregnancy
  • Prolonged pregnancy: over the completed 42nd week of pregnancy 
  • rash childbirth: an abormally rapid birth
  • Miscarriage: birth of a fetus less than 500g before or after birth
  • Death birth: birth of an already dead fetus with a birth weight over 500g
  • Risk birth: birth with increased risk to the mother or child
  • vaginal birth: birth through the female birth canal
  • Caesarean section: colloquially Ceasarean section, cut out of the stomach

Desire to have childrens

for some couples, it works right away, for other couples is also after months no conception, so the partnership can be put to the test.

Investigations in case of childlessness / desire for children

  • seeds analysis
  • Freezing sperm
  • outpatient surgery, such as abdominal- and uterine mirroring
  • cycle monitoring
  • taking out sperm from the testicle